Source: The Hindu; Author: G. S. Paul

Vamanan Namboodiri sang with placidity worthy of emulation. The opening number was GNB’s composition in Natta ‘Kari mukha varada’ in Adi. Swati’s ‘Maamavadasa varade’ in Nattakurinji and Roopakam was preceded by a short alapana. The syncopations at select junctures added to the beauty of the rendition. The RTP in Todi received a scholarly elaboration of the raga with myriad shades of it coined impromptu. This was in sharp contrast of the raga singing in the previous numbers which indicated the musician’s sense of propriety. Moreover, it brought to light his technical virtuosity by braving the tala of a complex structure, Misra jati tripuda in tisra gati. Perhaps this number stole the whole show as the accompaniment artistes also rose to the occasion and supported the musician with gusto.

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Vamanan Namboodiri.