Source:; Author: Prashanti Ganesh; Photo Courtesy:

Singapore-based dance troupe Apsara Arts, performed their production Nirmanika – The Beauty of Architecture in the city recently, brought to the fore, the beauty of the architecture of Indian heritage structures through their avant-garde choreography. The alarippu, traditionally the first piece of the performance which is used by the dancers to pay respects to god, was effectively used in showcasing the agile grace of the dancers on stage. The dancers took it up a notch with a vibrant discovery of three famous Indian monuments — the Konark Temple in Orissa, Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai and the Taj Mahal. Attention to detail in the choreography was what elevated the choreography to a whole new level of sophistication. A definite highlight of the production was the energetic representation of the Borobudur Buddhist temple in Indonesia.

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