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Globalisation of Carnatic music is a recent phenomenon. At least as far as North America is concerned, efforts are still on by the Indian diaspora to organise festivals and tours by artists from India. This naturally confines the mission to a select few, mostly the children of Indians settled down in North America. To achieve the mission of globalisation and reach as diverse as an audience as possible, cross cultural initiatives are called for.

The new mridangam concerto with percussion quartet that premiered this month to a well attended audience at one of America’s most celebrated venues, New York City’s Juilliard School of Music, was one such successful initiative. The effort was the result of the collaboration between Dr. Payton MacDonald, a musician The New York Times describes as an ‘energetic soloist,’ and mridangam artist Dr. Rohan Krishnamurthy. Both these collaborators have a PhD from the Eastman School of Music in New York.

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Rohan Krishnamurthy