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I have never heard Sikkil Gurucharan (SG) before although I have heard about his performances especially with pianist Anil Srinivasan.  so it was with an element of curiousity that i went to this performance.  I do not know anything about him in terms of his musical lineage or gurus and so it was with an open mind that I attended this event.

When I reached, the ‘tani avartanam’ was underway (part of ‘kripaya palaya’ a Swati Tirunal kriti in Charukesi) and because i dont understand the intricacies of tala (not that I am a maestro in Ragas!!) I couldnt relish it as much as my neighbours (some of them with a free-flowing wrong tala too) did!  But from what I listened it was a good exchange between the mridangist Arun Prakash and the Purushottaman on kanjira. Mrs YGP congratulated the team for their performance and mentioned that mere listening to it without knowledge of ragas was enough.  she also observed that the performers were really in the music themselves.

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