Source: The Hindu; Author: Arunn Narasimhan

Ashwath Narayanan’s vocal concert, accompanied by K.P. Nandini on the violin and Sumesh Narayanan on the mridangam was held at Nada Inbam. Ashwath started with a short sketch of Kedaram and eased into ‘Tyagaraja gurum ashraye’, a varnam composed by M.D. Ramanathan. After ‘Vaiyattu vaazhveergal’ in Gowla, during which Ashwath maintained Adi talam in 2 kalai-s, a competent alapana in Bowli was delivered for Papanasam Sivan’s ‘Karunanidhiye taye’. For a brief while, however, it had sounded like Purvikalyani.

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