Source: The Hindu; Author: P. Vijayambika

Athulya Rakesh enthralled the audience at the M.D.R. Hall Palakkad with her Mohiniyattom recital that was marked by grace and elegance. Her pleasing facial expressions, expressive eyes, chaste hand gestures and fluid movements enriched the choreography of her guru, Vinitha Nedungadi. In the traditional invocatory piece ‘Anandanarthana Ganapathiye’ in Kedara, Athulya depicted the story of Lord Ganesha’s circumambulation of his parents, Lord Siva and Parvathi, to prove that they are his concept of Universe, thereby defeating his brother Muruga. Athulya was at her best in the presentation of the traditional sringara kavya of Jayadeva, ‘Geethagovindam’ – ‘Nindathichandanam’ in ragas Charukesi and Kalyanavasantham. The concert was organised by Sree Sabha.

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Athulya Rakesh