Janani Ganesan interviews Choreographer Jayachandran Palazhy for Tehelka, about his latest Contemproary dance piece – Mei Dhwani. The choreographer shares with us, how he has used the movements of Kalari and Bharathanayam in MeiDhwani.

Photo Courtesy: Tehelka.com

Read an excerpt from the article below:

“This relationship between the inner and outer landscape is one concept that was explored in the dance. How human beings evolve from the landscape and dissolve was another idea embedded in the performance. The notions of space were borrowed from Tantric philosophy, Vastu Shaastra, Kalaripayattu and Yoga. In Kalari, for instance, the Kalari pit is considered a microcosm and the body is seen as another microcosm.”

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