Source: The Hindu; Author: Ranee kumar; Photo Courtesy: G. Ramakrishna

A jugalbandi of two streams of classical dance —Bharatanatyam teamed with Odissi was presented by Alarmel Valli and Madhavi Mudgal. The duo began with ‘Prithvi suktam’ paying obeisance to Mother earth. The tillana and pallavi, two complicated pieces of pure dance/nritta were a treat to watch. Valli with her doe-like frisky movements and full of fleeting footwork alternating with Madhavi Mudgal’s stable execution of adavu patterns to a crisp tala and bhol made for the male and female principle in dance.

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Madhavi Mudgal and Alarmel Valli at Taramati Baradari. Photo: G. Ramakrishna.