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As a part of the Delhi Classical Music Festival, the Capital witnessed a rare concert earlier this month. Santoor maestro Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma and master of the bamboo reed Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia came together for a jugalbandi after many years. As the two delved into the alaap and jod elaborations around the teevra (sharp) madhyam in Raag Yaman, one phrase melted into another. The audience was just about moving into a meditative trance when tabla player Vijay Ghate joined in, a rare element in a Hindustani classical music concerts at the jod stage (tabla players mostly join in once the main composition begins). But this wasn’t any ordinary drum playing. Ghate cajoled only the baanya (the left tabla), treating it like a bongo with a steady eight note pattern. The effect was very folkloric, not only because santoor and flute are not traditional Hindustani classical music instruments, but also because Ghate used some African rhythmic phrases.

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