Source: The Hindu; Author: V. Kalatharan; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

‘Nalacharitam,’ Unnai Warrier’s epochal play, is a poetic work and its stage-craft has always been a challenge to even the most gifted of Kathakali actors. The play is divided into four parts from the performance point of view. Kalamandalam Gopi in the role of Bahuka was incomparable as always. The uneasiness of the character in his encounter with Kesini, moments of self-derision over his fate and previous karmas, torrent of anguish before his beloved and the impulsive sanchari bhavas (emotions in transition) found profound expressions in the movements and rasabhinaya of Gopi. Margi Vijayan as Damayanthi conveyed the full import of the sthai (enduring) and vyabhichari (shifting) bhavas. The crisp, yet loaded dialogues between the two impeccably built up the crescendo. Kalamandalam Shanmukhan as Kesini was at his best.

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Kalamandalam Gopi and Margi Vijayan in Nalacharitam Naalam Divasam. Photo: Special Arrangement