Source: The Hindu; Author: Leela Venkataraman; Photo Courtesy: Avinash Pasricha

The finale for the Malhar festival in the Kathak recital by Vidha Lal was an example of adhering to classical grammar while structuring the dance round a theme appropriate to the occasion. Also with the heightened exuberance of youth settling down to more internalised strength in the abhinaya with perhaps a costuming sense running less to too many shiny bits of ornamentation, Vidha’s dance would shine with greater depth. Amjad Ali sang very well but his voice was drowned and words not heard with the tabla (Aman Ali), sarangi (Aisan Ali) and sitar (Fateh Ali), all of which while tuneful could have been softer. Simple and well coordinated choreography provided complementing contrasts.

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Preethi Nedumaran and Aparna Chitharanjan. Photo: Avinash Pasricha