Source:; Author: Hareesh N Nampoothiri; Photo Courtesy: Hareesh N Nampoothiri

Kathakali lovers in Thiruvananthapuram got yet another chance to enjoy Kalamandalam Gopi’s Nala in ‘Nalacharitham Onnam Divasam’ when Drisyavedi presented the play last week, here in the capital city. Gopi Asan’s presentation of Nala in the former parts of the play was even more detailed than usual. In Nala’s padam welcoming Sage Narada starting “Bhagaval Narada Vandeham…,.” Gopi elaborated on how the sage travels everywhere playing his veena and also how great he is as an ascetic. Later, Narada removes the doubts in Nala’s mind regarding his chances of marrying Damayanthi, the daughter of King Bhima of Kundina.

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