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Dakshina Vaidyanathan gave an exquisite Bharatanatyam recital at the Music Academy’s Spirit of Youth Festival on the 10th of August. After the invocatory piece on Lord Ganesha, Dakshina took up the Reeti Gowla varnam of the Tanjore Quartet, not an oft repeated one, perhaps even rare, the nayika longing for union with Lord Vishnu. Dakshina’s flawless precise nritta of the jatis composed by Karaikkudi Sivakumar choreographed by Rama Vaidyanathan, mother of Dakshina, and the nritya of the artiste, particularly portraying the intense passion due to the effect of the arrows of Manmada and the nayika’s longing for reunion with her lord, bore ample evidence of Dakshina’s prowess, hard work and training imparted by her gurus Rama Vaidyanathan and Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan. This was the piece de-resistance of the recital.

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