Source: The Hindu; Author: Ranee Kumar; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

The arithmetic was accurate; the abhinaya was accordingly activated as per the demands of the composition, be it the lengthy varnam with its varied rasa or the song on Sri Ranganatha wherein the entire Ramayanam was enacted in a nutshell or the Kavadichindu, danseuse Santosh G Nair had it all. Right from the word go, the dancer showed her attention to technical details, never missing the talam even by a split second. In fact, there was no room for slips or lapses. Energetic and assertive with her footwork, she showed her mastery over the skill in theSwamiye alaizhi thodi vaa set to navaragamalika. At certain points through the lengthy varnamher abhinaya was credible especially when she squats down to emote for the line, tamadhi mukhamu as also the folding and chewing of betel leaf with élan was quite convincing.

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Santosh G. Nair