Source: The Hindu; Author: Vidya Saranyan; Photo Courtesy: K. V. Srinivasan

As always, Priyadarsini Govind’s nritta was as captivating as her abhinaya. Priyadarsini’s interpretation of ‘Ye Mayaladira’ took off from the solemn side of Huseni that mirrored the nayika’s hurt at her hero’s preference for ‘that charmer.’ Although many depictions of the swarajati composed by Melattur Venkatarama Sastri also follow a chirpy route with coquettish references more so for the refrain in the latter half, this presentation projected the heroine as maintaining her sense of dignity and remaining loyal to the hero who was accorded the dignity and respect due to the Lord Varada. Vocals by Arun Gopi and nattuvangam by K. S. Balakrishnan, mridangam by Shaktivel Muruganadam and violin by N. Sigamani provided sturdy support to the dancing.

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Priyadarsini Govind. Photo: K.V. Srinivasan