Source: The hindu; Author: Praveen Shivashankar; Photo Courtesy: K. Gopinathan

Rani Khanam is the first Indian Muslim woman to set Islamic verses to Kathak performances. The renowned dancer believes that every performer must yearn for a journey towards the soul

Namidaanamkeakhirchun dame deedar mi raqsam Magarnaazambaizauqepesheyaar mi raqsam

This Persian composition translates to – “I don’t know why a glimpse of you makes me dance, but I take pride in the fact that it is my love for you that makes me dance.” The two lines above pretty much summarise the life and passion of Rani Khanam. She is the first Indian Muslim woman to adapt Islamic verses and Sufi Compositions to her Kathak performances.

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No true innovation is possible without involvement: Rani Khanam. Photo: K. Gopinathan