Source: The Hindu; Author: Rupa Srikanth; Photo Courtesy: R. Ragu

Untiring in the peak of summer, promising Kuchipudi dancer Roshni Raju demonstrated the effect of a vivacious personality on an already fast-paced repertoire to present a dynamic show. The dancer is a disciple of Uma Muralikrishna and is one of art promoter A. Boothalingam’s ‘finds,’ who was given a platform in the recently concluded ‘Vasant Utsav 2012’ held at the Kapaleeswarar temple. Though Roshni maybe relatively new on the performance scene, there is no awkwardness or dearth of confidence in her style. She is graceful, flexible and expressive and has an instinctive sense of timing. With a well-rehearsed repertoire, she was able to make the most of the informal performance space to draw in the weekend crowd at the temple.

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Roshni Raju. PHOTO: R. RAGU