Source:; Author: Vidya Chandra Sekhar; Photo Courtesy: Siamak Poursabahian

Arpan of Seattle, brainchild of the innovative, yet traditionally rooted Dr. Joyce K Paul-Siamak, presented Nivedita Potrapragada in a vividly composed new varnam on a strong female theme as the summer came to a close in 2013. The weather was welcoming, as were the beautifully dressed young girls, sweetly offering traditional manjal and sandalwood paste at the entrance, aromatically enticing us into a world of wonder that Dr. Paul presented artfully. Nivedita is a very young, yet budding dance artiste, yet in her youthful dance, was a maturity and a seasoned understanding of the ancestral heroines of the arts which she brought alive in her teacher’s new choreographic works. Accompanied by established musicians in an orchestra boasting of performers Jyotishmathi Sheejith Krishna on vocal, Sheejith Krishna on mridangam, Murali Pavithran on violin and Joyce herself as nattuvanaar, any dancer could have appeared slightly intimidated, but Nivedita owned her stage brilliantly.

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