Source: The Hindu: Author: Madhavi Ramkumar

Ananya Nrithyollasa, organised recently by Ananya, Bangalore, featured three solo Bharathanatyam performances. B.N. Ananth commenced his recital with a mallari set to a ragamalika and in the adi thala. This was a scintillating array of diverse rhythms and melody. This established the dancer’s firmness of posture and stance, and clarity of movement. Fifteen-year-old Ragashree Komandur Yilayavilli, dancing to recorded music, began with extracts from Shankaracharya’s ‘Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam’ choreographed with jathi and swara interludes. Exuding confidence and displaying commendable control over rhythm, the young artiste’s presentation of “En Nenjil Pallikondavan” in Kalyani raga depicted Lord Ranganatha as the presiding deity of Srirangam, besides residing in Tirupati and Udupi. Harini Srikanth’s performance began with an obeisance to the remover of all obstacles in a brisk and vibrant “Ikshudandadhara”, set to Vitapi raga. Experience and dedication were explicit in the ensuing item, the varna beginning “Sri Krishna Kamalanatho”, set to Reethigoula raga and adi thala. The term “Devaki Nandana” was elucidated with an expansive sanchari, depicting Krishna being spirited away by Vasudeva after his birth in Kamsa’s dungeons. Episodes such as Puthana’s annihilation and the destruction of Shakataasura were effectively touched upon.

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