Source: The Hindu; Author: Prema Manmadhan; Photo Courtesy: S. S. Kumar

For more than four decades Bharathi Shivaji has been involved in performing and propagating Mohiniyattam worldwide. She talks about her dance and innovative choreography. She cannot speak Malayalam very fluently but she is a cultural ambassador of Kerala. She has spent more than four decades in the cause of Kerala’s own dance form, Mohiniyattam, all the while enriching herself too with the knowledge gained. She has spread the grace of Mohiniyattam globally, taking a bit of Kerala all over in that pursuit. She was born in Thanjavur, grew up in Delhi and fell in love with both Bharathanatyam and Odissi but later embraced Mohiniyattam, leaving behind both Bharathanatyam and Odissi for good.

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Bharati Sivaji and her daughter Vijayalakshmi. Photo: S. S. Kumar