Source: The Hindu; Author: Mudhumitha Srinivasan; Photo Courtesy: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

A mrdangam and a bass guitar, a traditional alaap and a modern riff usually used to explain musical contrasts are now being brought together on stage by fusion artists. The proof lies in the increasing numbers of fusion bands and the frequency of such performances across the city.

Yet, there is no denying that fusion music is gaining popularity in the city and across the country as well. Is it because it is easier for the listener to comprehend and like? Does this result in more opportunities subsequently and increased viability for young musicians trying to gain a foothold? Yes and no. “Fusion music is catchy. There are no restrictions and, sometimes, no lyrics too. So anyone can listen to it. I feel some changes need to be made in the way classical music is presented to take it to the masses,” feels Praveen.

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Fusion artist Tanjore K. Praveen aka Praveen Sparsh. Photo: Special Arrangement