Source: The Hindu; Author: Prema Manmadhan

The Dharani School of Performing Arts is 25 today. Shyamala Surendran’s passion for dance led to its genesis. The late bloomer made sure she did not miss much. Therefore she worked twice as hard and could achieve more than many in her chosen field: classical dance. That Shyamala Surendran enjoyed what she did is a bonus for her. Today, she looks back at her off beat journey in life, with that same equanimity and poise that she did 25 years ago (June 21) when Dharani School of Performing Arts was born. She sits in her house, Dharani, at SRM road, Kaloor, where this sweet story began, with Meenu, the parrot singing and whistling in between her dialogues, ‘Thathamme, poocha poocha’ in perfect Malayalam with the perfect accent.

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Shyamala Surendran. Photo: Special Arrangement