Photo Courtesy: Prakash Bala(For Moods of Margazhi)

Looking back at 25 years of their musical journey, the Ranjani – Gayatri sisters have made a mark and carved a niche for themselves in the world of music. Right from their childhood, the sisters started recognizing ragams and mastered the art of delineating the complex RagamThalamPallavi’s.


The sisters learnt violin under the guidance of of Sangita Bhooshanam Prof. T.S. Krishnaswami at the Shanmukhananda Sangeeta Vidyalaya, Mumbai. They began their career as violin duet artistes when they were young. They have accompanied various artists on the violin including the legendary Dr. K. Pattammal.

They have not only mastered the art of playing the violin but also have since then become famous Carnatic vocalists. These sisters have given various performances all over the world and have gained compliments for the control in their voice and maintaining a balance in the shruti’s. They have also won various awards like National Eminence Award from Shanmukhananda Fine Arts (Mumbai) and Sanskriti Award from Sanskriti Pratishtan, (New Delhi ) and many more.

The sisters moved from Mumbai to Chennai and have performed during the famous Margazhi festival at various venues and have received many accolades and a lot of appreciation. With the support of their families firmly behind them, these sisters continue to “Sync” their act in the souls of Carnatic music. features Ranjani and Gayatri as the “Artist of the month”. We will be following them through the month. Keep coming back for more updates.