Source:; Author: Meenakshi Sinha

It’s time for cultural celebrations in the capital. The 11th edition of Ananya dance festival will be held from Oct 6-10, 2012 at the Purana Qila, New Delhi. The festival, with specially designed group choreographies, will feature artists like Saroja Vaidyanathan, Bharatanatyam(Delhi), Rani Karnaa, Kathak (Kolkata), Vijayalakshmi, Mohiniattam (Delhi), Rudraksh, Odissi (Bhubaneswar) and Shijith Nambiar, Bharatanatyam (Chennai). As a special tribute to 150 years of ASI, the festival this year, will also reach out to nearly 100 school children who’ll get the opportunity to interact with artists of the festival. According to Bhargava, the initiative is aimed at taking Indian culture to the students.

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