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Anayampatti Shri. S. Ganeshan is 1 of just 3 jalatharangam players left still performing  in southern India. He plays a set of 19 antique porcelain bowls from China that are 100 years old. He is also a singer and violinist. An upcoming vocal concert is scheduled at Arkay convention center in Chennai. The event will be a vocal concert by Anayampatti Shri. S. Ganeshan who will be accompanied by Shri. A G Venkatesubramaian playing the Violin, Madhirimangalam Shri. Swaminathan playing the Mrudangam and Trichy Shri. K.Murali playing the Ghatam.

Date: 30th July
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Arkay Convention Center, 146. R H Road, Mylapore, Chennai