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I was really fortunate to listen to a 3 1/2 hour of exhilarating music by Sanjay Subramanyan (SS) and team at Bharat Kalachar this evening.   His stenorian voice is still ringing in my ears as i am writing this review.  The way he navigated through the stayis was remarkable and he made even the toughest sangathis look very simple & easy.  He was excellently matched on the violin by Nagai Muralidharan and on the percussion by Tanjavur Ramdas on mridangam and Trichy Murali on the ghatam.

I understand that he started the concert with a Varnam & I came in when he had just begun the Patnam Subramania Iyer Krithi in Saurashtra “Ninnu joochu” .  Even so early in the concert, his voice had a fine ‘??????’ that became better and better as the concert progressed.

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