Source: The Hindu; Author: Madhavi Ramkumar

Naman – A Festival of Odissi Dance was organised recently in Bangalore by Madhulita Mohaptra’s Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts with two solo performances and a duet.Sonali Mohapatra from Bhubaneswar, dancing to recorded music, set proceedings in motion with obeisance to Lord Jagannatha and the Chakravaka Pallavi. The artiste executed gently unfolding sequences with understated grace and perfect synchronization, attesting to an unerring, internalized sense of rhythm. The pure dance piece also served to introduce the lyrical grace and beauty of the genre, progressively incorporating more complex and livelier permutations. The succeeding abhinaya piece based on Banamali Das’s verses and set to Mishra Pilu raga portrayed episodes from Krishna’s childhood. Puthana’s arrival and subsequent annihilation displayed a distinct flair for abhinaya, and the death throes were brief but graphic and eloquent. In contrast the infant Krishna’s antics were engaging, as was Yashoda’s indulgence tinged with exasperation.

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