Chhandayan strongly believes in the power of music, particularly that of Indian music, which has helped human civilization to sustain over the past five thousand years. It is perhaps the most ancient tradition that is still alive and vibrant.

It was born in 1984 in Calcutta, India. In 1998 it was re-established in the United States of America as a not-for-profit organization. First it started its operation in the state of New York, and within a short span of time spread its wings out to New Jersey, Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania. Today it has grown to be the most significant organization of Indian music in North America. Chhandayan’s series of concerts are some of the most popular and exciting events to the local community where it serves. The highlight of these series is the annual all-night concert held in New York city on the second Saturday of May, every year.

The 13th all-night concert will take place in May. Read all the details on their site.