Source: The Hindu; Author: Madhavi Ramkumar; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

The Natya Vedam Annual Dance Festival 2012 was organised in Bangalore recently by Deepa Sashindran as tribute to her guru Kuchipudi exponent Manju Barggavee. The second and concluding day of the Festival began with a thematic Bharathanatya recital by Gayatri Sriram, titled “Seetha Svagatham”. The presentation was a portrayal of Seetha’s recollections of past events, their causes and consequences, just before she is taken to the forest and abandoned there. Most of the major occurrences of the Ramayana, such as the wedding of Rama and Seetha, life in Panchavati, Seetha’s abduction and so on were delineated from her perspective. Subsequent developments including the sojourn in Valmiki’s ashram, and the birth of the twins Lava and Kusha culminate in the protagonist’s return to Mother Earth.

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Exquisite choreography Gayatri Sriram