Sarangi, the Kanjivaram sari store is a sponsored initiative of Sarangi – a Chennai based brand that celebrates the spirit of the Kanjivaram with a range of saris that are elegant, beautiful and always special. Never blatantly modern, each sari is designed keeping the aesthetics and sensibility of The Kanjivaram in mind.

The very name Sarangi is inspired by the Indian musical instrument of the same name, whose sound is as expressive and evocative as a hundred colours. At the beautiful house that is home to Sarangi, Rasvihar and related brands, a sense of calmness and quiet beauty envelops you, leaving one in no doubt that the brands derive immense inspiration from our Indian roots and aesthetics. It is therefore not surprising that Sarangi as a brand is connected by a strong bond to the heritage and traditions that are manifested in our performing arts such as music and dance. was born from a long felt need to take an active part in promoting the performing arts. The aim is to create a platform where culturally conscious people could participate to share information, views and debate various aspects of music and dance. To begin with, Margazhi will cover the Chennai Music & Dance season. At Sarangi, the fervent hope is that Margazhi will evolve into an ongoing forum that can showcase more events and artists associated with various performing arts in India.

Sarangi is a recipient of Assocham-IMC Women Heritage Award 2010, for its role in promotion of the Kanjivaram. Sarangi and other brands under the Rasvihar roof have reached out to people beyond Chennai and indeed Indian borders through online shopping options hosted on Sarangi the store is serenely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy Luz Church Road in Alwarpet just across the Anjaneyar temple. The store was previously in Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam though it has now completely moved out to Alwarpet.