Source:; Author; Sumana Hebbar; Photo Courtesy: Ashok Hebbar

Aakash Ganga (Singapore), the Foundation for Indian Fine Arts celebrated its annual day on August 11, 2013 at Spring Auditorium, Singapore. More than 80 students of Maalika Girish Panicker showcased a journey of fine melody, rhythm and dance in the presence of chief guests Dr. Uma Rajan, a doctor, dancer, humanitarian and Guru Kalpalathika, a gifted exponent of Kuchipudi. The event featured a variety of vibrant dance items ranging from traditional, folklore, fusion to dance drama presentations.  The music ensemble included Guru Maalika Girish Panicker on nattuvangam, Lavanya Ramesh on vocal, S Devarajan on mridangam and K Sivaraman on the violin.

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