Source: The Hindu; Author: Shyamhari Chakra

With a number of new dance festivals being added to Bhubaneswar’s annual cultural calendar in recent years, the city has emerged as the country’s dance capital. And the recently launched International Dance Congress (IDC) was one such new addition. Bharatanatyam dancer Ganna Smirnova from Ukraine, Manipuri dancer Warda Rihab from Bangladesh, Kathak dancer Anjali Gamage from Sri Lanka, Kuchipudi dancer Deepa Sasindran from Bengaluru, Odissi dancer Gayatri Chand from Bhubaneswar and Kathakali dancer Haripriya Nambudiri from Kerala were among the soloists who excelled. Of the group presentations, Chennai-based Sheela Unnikrishnan’s well-groomed disciples literally stormed the stage with a power-packed and amazingly synchronised team work.

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POISE AND GRACE Odissi dancer Simran Zaman