Source: The Hindu; Author:  Pankaja Srinivasan

Halfway to concert venue, we are greeted by a booming voice working the notes of Puriya Kalyan. ‘This just can’t be a 100-year-old man singing’, I tell myself. ‘It must be his shishya accompanying him. I am so wrong.  Abdul Rashid Khan Saab sings in raga Shankara, Chaya Nat and then a rousing bhajan (Mera Rom Rom Hari Om) in Aahir Bhairav that receives spontaneous applause from the audience. It is astonishing that we are sitting listening to a Hindustani classical music concert being performed by a man who was born before the Titanic and was already six years old when the First World War broke out. That makes him, perhaps, the oldest performer in India, if not the world.

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Masterly performance: Baba Abdul Rashid Khan in concert