Source: The Hindu; Author: Rupa Srikanth; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

A documentary showcases rare moments of the masterful Dandayuthapani Pillai and his star pupil Srividya. It was a moment to cherish for art buffs when musician-scholar Sujatha Vijayaraghavan’s documentary for the Padavarnam Project opened with an audio clip of the yesteryear greats, Vidushi M.L. Vasanthakumari (vocal) and Guru K.N. Dandayuthapani Pillai (nattuvangam) performing the opening lines and trikala jathi of the Sankarabaranam padavarnam, ‘Sakhiye Inda Jaalam’ (Adi tala). It was only a sampler; the serene yet masterful interlude was over too soon.

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