Source: The Hindu; Author: K.Pradeep; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

Kottakkal Madhu is the vanguard of the new generation of Kathakali singers. He is widely considered a worthy successor of a singing style that was popularised by Unnikrishna Kurup, Hyder Ali, Sankaran Embranthiri and Venmani Haridas. Known for his bold experimentation, both on the Kathakali stage and beyond, Madhu has been responsible for rekindling interest in Kathakali music and enlarging its scope and dimension. Very often Madhu’s velvety voice demands attention from the audience engrossed in the scenes on stage. Conformists may still not agree with his attempt to popularise Kathakali music, his innovative concerts, but even they cannot deny the mesmerising effect Madhu has on the audience once he begins to sing.

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