Source:; Author: Charulatha Mani; Photo Courtesy: RanjithKanag Photography

Good music is indeed therapeutic, and all ragas, in their own way, soothe the mind. One raga that is proven to reduce high blood-pressure levels, promote mental stability and cure depression is Anandabhairavi. A typically classical raga that thrives on melodic oscillations and majestic glides, Anandabhairavi spreads the feeling of joy and fulfillment.

This raga‘s progression takes place on a zig-zag path, like a roller-coaster ride in musical notes. It features sadja, sadharana gandhara, chatusruti rishabha, suddha madhyama, pancama, and chatusruti dhaivata in ascent and also accomodates the kaisiki nishada in the descent. This is a raga that, in addition to the above-mentioned notes, features exotic foreign notes including the antara gandhara, suddha dhaivata, and kakali nishada.

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