Source: The Hindu; Author: Gudipoodi Srihari; Photo Courtesy: G. Ramakrishna

There is a new pair of siblings, ‘Komanduri Brothers’, evolving in Carnatic music. Sourirajan and his younger brother Venkatakrishna are the sons of musicologist and vocalist-violinist Komanduri Seshadri. In a concert they presented last week for Sangeetha Ksheerasagaram, the duo displayed their compatibility. There appeared then the major show piece of the concert Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi in Bhairavi.  The pallavi was in Khandachapu Triputa Talam penned by their father and done in three speeds in tisram. Pallavi Sahityam was Kantini, Mukkantini, Garala Kanthuni, Ganga Paravatulu Koluvaga. Swarakalpana was done in raga chain with Krishna doing the Bhairavi belt – Anandabhairavi, Vasantabhairavi and Salaga Bhairavi, his brother Sourirajan presented swaras in Malayamarutham, Bahudhari. Pallavi and neraval were done in trikala Tisram. Violinist Dinkar’s support was complementary, revealing his own erudition. The concert concluded with an Annamacharya kirtana Ramachandruditadu in Dwijavanti.

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Sourirajan and Venkatakrishna performing as part of Sangeeta Ksheera Sagaram at Sri Thyagaraya Gana Sabha. Photo: G. Ramakrishna