Source: Deccan Chronicle; Author: Athira Rajkamal; Photo Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle 

The interest in Hindustani music is growing among music lovers and students and the Bharateey Sangeet Vidyalayay, the only school in Kerala which focuses exclusively on Hindustani music, aims at satiating this craving. The Kochi-based school now has 50 students. The person behind the initiative is Krishnakumar, who after a rigorous training of nine years in sitar under his guru Ustad Balekhein in Dharwar, decided to share his knowledge with the people of his own State. The chief tutor is Ustaad Faiyaz Khan, a renowned Hindustani exponent.

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Students of Bharateey Sangeet Vidyalayay during a performance at JTPac in Kochi