Source:; Author: Hareesh N Nampoothiri; Photo Courtesy: Hareesh N Nampoothiri

Uthishta, a voluntary organization based in Bengaluru recently organized ‘Kathakali Sandhya’, an evening of Kathakali. The program featured Muringoor Sankaran Potty’s ‘Kuchela Vrutham’ and ‘Dussasana Nigraham,’ the latter being two selected scenes from the play ‘Duryodhana Vadham’ by Vayaskara Aryan Narayana Mooss. Margi Vijayakumar, the present principal of Margi, performed the role of Kuchela in ‘Kuchela Vrutham’. Though he is an actor with almost three decades of experience, it was his first on stage as Kuchela. The role of Sri Krishna was done by none other than Kalamandalam Gopi, who is considered as an actor made solely for the pacha characters.

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