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Duets are not uncommon in classical music. In Carnatic music, the last fifty years have seen numerous successful pairing of singers. The most popular duos in the current crop of Carnatic musicians are the Malladi Brothers. They presented a concert that was highly emotive and melodious on November 15th as part of the Nadasurabhi Annual Music Festival 2013 in Koramangala. The opening piece Sarasijanabha, an Ata tala varnam in raga Kambodhi, set the tone for a rich classical fare. This was followed by E paniko Janmincitinani in raga Asaveri and Tulasamma in raga Devagandhari, both compositions of Tyagaraja. Asaveri is an ancient raga, a derivative of raga Thodi and often heard in the beginning of a classical concert. Ragas Ramapriya (Korinavara) and Shankarabharanam (Emineramu) were the mainstay of the concert before the brothers moved on to present a Ragam Tanam Pallavi (RTP) in raga Jaganmohini.

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