Source:; Author: G. Ulaganathan;

January 2013 in Bangalore witnessed one of the eagerly awaited dance festivals, the Drishti Dance Festival, on the Republic Day, the 26th. Anuradha and her husband Vikranth have been organizing this festival for the past 8 years and the event includes performances, felicitation to gurus and other well known people in the field of performing arts. There were performances by four well known groups – Nrityantar, Drishti dance ensemble, Punya dance ensemble, and Samudra from Kerala. The program began with the invocation piece by Nrityantar dance ensemble. The second performance was by Anuradha Vikranth and Drishti dance ensemble. Drishti ensemble presented ‘Samarpana’ paying obeisance to the Lord and saluting the contribution of the panchamahabhuta, the nature, gurus, elders and all the forces which have blessed us to be an artiste.

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